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Ticks carry diseases, such as typhoid fever, tapeworms and Lyme disease. If you’ve confirmed a tick problem in and around your home, then hire the experienced exterminators at City Hunt Pest Control. We specialize in pest extermination services. We focus on protecting your home, pets and family members from ticks and the spread of infections they carry. From the black-legged tick to the lone star tick, we can identify the many species of ticks that survive during the winter and sense heat, vibrations and moisture. Connect with our tick extermination professionals today for immediate intervention.

Is a Tick Extermination Necessary?

Although ticks are dog lovers, too, that does not make them an ally. City Hunt Pest Control believes it is necessary to get a tick extermination service for several reasons:

  • They can feed on a host for days
  • They can transfer diseases and infections
  • They are a nuisance
  • An extermination service provides peace of mind

Ticks are a threat that every California resident should be mindful of. It is true that not every tick bite carries a disease; however, why take the risk? Call on our tick extermination experts in San Francisco. City Hunt Pest Control offers an infallible and affordable way to exterminate ticks and protect your home and family from these blood-leeching critters that can pose a significant threat to your health.

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