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Get Rid of Fleas Without Flea Exterminator Services

Fleas: just the mention of them is enough to make you feel icky and itchy. And for a good reason – fleas lay hundreds of eggs each day, causing itching, irritation, and other issues. Even worse, fleas can be virtually impossible to get rid of. Even after a home is treated with flea control products, it can take up to two weeks more before the fleas ultimately die off. This means you need a professional, experienced team to help you with your flea extermination needs. Fortunately, City Hunt Pest Control is here for you.

How we Promote Flea Control

Controlling a flea infestation requires a little bit of innovation and a lot of commitment. Here are the steps our team takes to get rid of fleas once and for all:

  • We treat all textiles in the home, including toys, clothes, and pet bedding.
  • We provide comprehensive treatment designed to kill fleas and their eggs.
  • We recommend follow-up treatments that can help get rid of fleas forever, including pet treatments and any associated treatments your home may require.

If your home has fleas, don’t despair – our team can help. Let our flea exterminator experts get rid of your infestation and restore your healthy, flea-free home. Contact us today to learn more: (650) 507-4060.

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