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Professional cleaners with a background in pest control have the best equipment to deliver a safe and thorough clean following a pest extermination service. Most of our disinfecting solutions are products that many homeowners do not have. At City Hunt Pest Control, we use advanced cleaning approaches to disinfect your most highly accessed and touched surfaces. You expect a top-notch service that can eliminate the presence of microorganisms and other infectious diseases — our professional disinfecting services will provide just that. Let’s discuss some customized disinfecting service plans that meet your facility’s needs.

The Difference a Disinfecting Service Makes

Eliminating pests and wildlife is only half the battle; now, there lies a fight against viruses and bacteria. Because wildlife and pests often leave behind droppings, urine and hair, hiring a team specialized in professional disinfecting services remains an essential step. Disinfecting services:

  • Protect your loved ones and employees
  • Greatly reduces the risks and spread of viruses and bacteria
  • Promote a productive and safe working and living environment
  • Uses top-grade disinfecting agents, proven safe and kind to the environment

Consider hiring City Hunt Pest Control for your disinfecting service needs. We remove hazardous contaminants from your home or facility. Whether you need disinfecting services in San Francisco for your California home, office, retail store, restaurant or school, our professionals are available to discuss a comprehensive disinfecting plan. From disinfecting door knobs to deodorizing areas affected by bacteria, we seek to disinfect every high traffic area with solutions, proven to work and protect.

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